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Erstling Becomes Bangladesh Copyright & IP Forum Trustee

Jay Erstling was honored to accept an invitation to become a Trustee for the Bangladesh Copyright & IP Forum (BCIPF) recently. According to Mr. Kazi Zahin Hasan, Chairman to the Board of Trustees of BCIPF, Jay’s experience and willingness to contribute for the development of the IPR sector will help tremendously in developing the IPR regime in Bangladesh. Read more.  

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Brexit and Your IP

Rest assured, it’s business as usual. Citizens of the UK have voted to leave the European Union (EU), but when it comes to your intellectual property protection, there is no immediate impact. 

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Jay Erstling Of Counsel Minneapolis

Patterson Thuente IP Bolsters International IP Services for Global Companies

Jay Erstling Joins as Full-Time Of Counsel Recognizing the increasing need for companies of all sizes to develop a sophisticated global outlook, Patterson Thuente IP has bolstered its international intellectual property services by welcoming Jay Erstling as full-time Of Counsel.

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A New Route to International Design Protection

May 13, 2015, marked the start of a new option for US applicants seeking to protect industrial designs abroad.  On that date, the Hague Agreement, a treaty providing for the international registration of industrial designs, became effective for the US.

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The PCT: A Treaty that Revolutionized International Patents

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) makes international patenting worthwhile.  Its advantages are many. The PCT enables businesses to apply for patent rights in any number of PCT member countries (there are now 148) by filing a single international application instead of having to file separate applications in every country.

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Work Sharing is Bringing the Patent World Closer Together

Patenting is no longer the domain of a few wealthy countries; today it is a global affair.  In 2012, the latest year for which statistics were available, applicants filed more than 2,567,000 patent applications, and patent offices worldwide granted almost 1,170,000 patents.  All told, about 8.6 million patents were in force in 2011. Not only has the patent world expanded, it has also taken a definite turn toward Asia.  Among the five countries in which US applicants most frequently file patent applications, China, Japan and Korea come in second, third, and fifth place, respectively (with Europe and Canada coming in first and fourth). 

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