The Top 10 Trademark Rulings of 2016

Trademark rulings often miss the front headlines of the news outlets every year, but little do people know, these decisions often affect their everyday lives more than some of the cases that receive national attention.

Trademarks are essential to our lives as they help companies and consumers define and remember personal brands.   Businesses deserve to own their ideas and brand—imagine if Coca-Cola’s secret recipe was public information—their brand would be devalued overnight. As an IP law firm we understand how important trademarks are to business and economic growth, so naturally we couldn’t be more excited to share this information.

Law 360 outlined the Top 10 trademark rulings for 2016 in the link below:

2016 Top 10 Trademark Rulings

There are a number of high profile cases outlined, many of which feature a multitude of well-known companies (Wal-Mart, Trader Joes, Tiffany & Co, etc). We hope you take a few minutes and catch up on the trademark news of 2016.


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