New Year, New Ideas

New Year, New Ideas

The New Year has finally arrived and we are ready for 2017! We wanted to outline some important IP advice for your company this year.

  • Have an Idea?—Call us! If you have an idea that is or could be influential or lucrative to your company, call us! Get ahead of any possible competition and see what your idea is up against.
  • Own Your IP. Businesses need to own their ideas, strategies, products, brands and IP. They keep you competitive in the market and help you grow. If you think someone is using your IP or you suspect that someone is planning to do so, then call our litigation team right away. You don’t want to be caught off guard down the road. Own your ideas completely.
  • Protect Your Brand. We cannot stress the importance of brands enough. Brands are what make you pick certain items in a store, go on specific vacations or invest your retirement account. If your company has a brand, we want to help you protect it. No one should take credit for your hard work.
  • Planning is Good. Businesses understand the need for planning. A good plan keeps you on track goals, aids in development and ensures your progress is measured. We want to do the same for your IP. Let us help you determine a strong plan for your trademark, copyright or patent.

We wish you the absolute best this upcoming year!

Patterson Thuente is dedicated to helping you protect and own your vision.

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