New Year IP Resolution

New years resolutions are one of the world’s longest standing traditions. Throughout January, people will reflect on their personal and professional goals and ambitions to set forth on a new journey—often making a list of what they hope to accomplish. This year, we recommend adding one small piece to that list—protecting your ideas.

Your ideas and the innovation within your company are valuable, and they must to be protected. When is the last time you conducted an IP audit? Have you checked in with your inventors and engineers lately to see if they have ideas for improvements on your products? Is your marketing department using trademarks properly to ensure your brand is protected? The next time you have your new years resolution list in front of you, make a small note on the bottom to protect your ideas.

We made a short list of reasons why protecting your IP is vital to the financial growth of your business this (and every) year.

-Your idea may hold great monetary value.  A single, small idea can be worth its weight in gold and we can help you own it.   We help businesses own their IP and extract its inherent value.

-A partial idea can lead to another idea. An odd concept no doubt, but as creative people, you’ve seen this happen. Our goal is to help you own all of them. Your business may have a new product or process that may morph into an even bigger idea.

-Personal growth from ideas is rewarding. Have you ever had an idea only to witness someone else capitalize on it? Own your ideas from day one.

Patterson Thuente is dedicated to helping you protect and own your IP

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