Why Patent Litigation is Necessary

February 13, 2017

Obtaining patent protection is the culmination of hard work and perseverance—from the engineers/inventors/R&D team who develop the invention to company leadership who make the financial investment to the attorneys who take the idea through the patent process. The result is an intangible asset that provides the patent owner with an advantage over the competition and one that should be jealously guarded.

The problem is that patents, while a recognition of advancement in your particular area of technology, do not come with any guarantee that competitors will respect your patent rights. The right afforded you to exclude others from using the invention doesn’t necessarily mean you can rely on the good intentions of your competitors. Negotiations may solve the problem, but when they don’t, a patent owner must protect its investment by suing.

Entering into any type of litigation can be a daunting proposition, which is especially true for patent infringement litigation—statistically second to none when it comes to complexity and expense. Finding a litigation team that is well versed in IP litigation is essential when action is needed.

Why Patterson Thuente?

At Patterson Thuente IP, our patent litigation team has a uniquely business-centric approach. Yes, our resumes hold up—our lawyers average more than 20 years of experience and are no strangers to the courtroom. Like you, we work tirelessly at our craft. But we are unique in that we consider ourselves trial lawyers, not litigators. In other words, we don’t prepare your case for settlement. Our goal from day one is to protect your assets by preparing to win at trial. This approach gives you a distinct advantage over the competition as we make it our business to understand your business. We partner with you to create a strategy that maximizes your return on investment. We believe this is the only approach to safeguarding your advantage over competitors—it’s the best way to defend your hard work.

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