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Why You Patent

The first in a series of blogs about why you patent to protect your business and profits. A single idea could be more valuable than you think. When your company has an innovative idea, product or system, you need to protect it to ensure future profits and successes are owned. Do you remember the last time you were at a party and the karaoke machine was blaring as a friend tried to sing “Sweet Caroline?” Besides the memory of the tone-deaf rendition, you probably never thought about the karaoke machine’s history.

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Law of nature: Some genetic diagnostic methods are patent-ineligible

Another patent covering genetic diagnostic methods has failed the U.S. Supreme Court’s two-step test for determining whether a patent related to a law of nature is patent-eligible. In general, to transform unpatentable subject matter, a patent must do more than simply state a law of nature and append the words “apply it.”

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Client Profile: Swipejobs, Inc.

In today’s world, on-demand labor is crucial to a company’s success but there is often difficulty matching the right person with the right job. Swipejobs, Inc removes that barrier through the offering of a mobile platform that matches on-demand labor with employers. On-demand labor is a huge global market that is ripe for mobile technology disruption. We are a mobile exchange, not a mobile app. We partner with staffing firms to offer a complete mobile platform that is integrated real time with their systems. At the heart of Swipejobs is a transformational matching technology that matches on-demand workers with employers who are staffing firm customers. For more information on Swipejobs and their innovative technology, visit their website: Patterson Thuente is dedicated to helping you protect and own your vision. Patterson Thuente—Your Ideas. Owned.  

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Client Profile: iSee Automation, Inc.

Ever wonder how so many of your favorite items are made? iSee Automation, Inc has developed state-of-the-art robotic technology for manufacturers to ensure product quality is maintained. iSee robots solve the tough problems for your local manufacturers as they increase their efficiency and worker safety during the development of the products you love.  The client profile for iSee Automation, Inc. is below:   iSeeAutomation experts develop, manufacture, install and service high efficiency vision guided robotic automation solutions. Our systems are used to ensure consistent product quality in many manufacturing processes. Our range of standard vision systems for multiple applications enables us to solve most vision tasks without any additional development effort. For customers this means that we deliver systems with consistent and reliable performance – with comprehensive functionality included – well documented – thoroughly tested – at reasonable prices. Vision that works. For more information on iSee Automation, Inc, visit their website: Patterson Thuente is

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Patterson Thuente IP Bolsters International IP Services for Global Companies

Jay Erstling Joins as Full-Time Of Counsel Recognizing the increasing need for companies of all sizes to develop a sophisticated global outlook, Patterson Thuente IP has bolstered its international intellectual property services by welcoming Jay Erstling as full-time Of Counsel. Whether its making sense of laws, practices and cultures in specific countries or knowing how global trade agreements, such as TRIPS and NAFTA, can be used to protect IP rights, Erstling’s experience makes him unique among IP lawyers.

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Patterson Receives Client Choice Award

Congratulations to Jim Patterson who was recently awarded the 2016 International Law Office and Lexology Client Choice Award in Intellectual Property: Patents! Established in 2005, Client Choice recognizes law firms and partners around the world that stand apart for excellence in client care and quality services. Uniquely, law firms and individuals can only be nominated for the award by senior corporate counsel. This year, 383 winners were chosen from a pool of more than 2,000 individuals.  

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Want to know the secrets to creating and protecting unforgettable brand names?

Choosing the wrong name can be expensive. Gain essential knowledge on trademarks and the naming process. Introducing The Guide for Pursuing Legally Defensible & High-Value Trademarks – a collaborate effort with the branding experts Olive & Company.