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International IP Protection – Non-US Companies

Our Services For Non-US Companies

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Are you a non-US company seeking IP protection in the United States?

For global companies, the US market is an important one. Good IP attorneys will know how to conform a PCT application or direct national filing to secure patent protection in the US. Strategic, creative and business-minded IP attorneys (that’s us) can do more. Understanding that your international IP protection represents a significant investment, we can help you manage, leverage and augment the value of your global IP portfolio.


Our IP services for non-US companies include:

  • Filing and prosecution of US patents (from PCT or direct), industrial designs and trademarks. We work directly with your in-house professionals and/or main IP counsel.
  • General counsel on patent and trademark strategy in the US and elsewhere. Our expertise includes utilizing the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), and Madrid Protocol.
  • IP portfolio management.
  • Advice on enforcement.
  • International strategy review and restructuring. With changes in international practice, developments in the PCT, the explosion of PPH, and the unfolding impact of the AIA, maintaining a filing strategy status quo may no longer be in your best interest. We can undertake a review of your international filing strategy and ensure a fresh, effective approach.
  • Country studies and reports. Detailed, country-specific IP data and advice can make all the difference when entering new markets or expanding existing opportunities.
  • Comparative analysis and opinions. Sometimes tight budgets require difficult decisions. Our analyses can help you make difficult decisions with confidence.
  • Training for in-house professionals. We can tailor educational programs that are more advanced and specific to the problems your in-house professionals are working on today.
  • Periodic updates/education with respect to practice in the US and other countries.

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