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Patterson Thuente IP serves the needs of creative and inventive clients worldwide. We represent domestic companies selling products in the global marketplace, as well as non-US companies and law firms seeking counsel to file for and advise on IP protection in the US. Our attorneys understand the intricacies of the various patent and trademark systems so you can be confident that we are not trying to fit US strategy into another jurisdiction.


We also have the former Director of the Patent Cooperation Treaty on staff—not many firms can say that.


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Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

The PCT makes international patenting accessible to companies of all sizes by enabling them to apply for patent rights in any number of PCT member countries (there are now 148) by filing a single international application. Our attorneys have filed thousands of PCT applications over the years and we have the luxury of tapping the expertise of one of the foremost authorities on the international patent system, Jay Erstling. Jay served as the Director of the Office of the PCT from 2002 to 2007. With WIPO, he oversaw the worldwide administration of the PCT system and had responsibility for the development of PCT policies, including large-scale regulatory reform.   To discuss your company’s PCT strategy or to schedule a training session for your in-house professionals, contact Jay at 612.349.5740 or


International IP Risk Management Services

Protection of IP rights represents a significant investment for global corporations and a certain amount of risk for the company and its IP law firm. Missed deadlines, challenging cases or enforcement of foreign rights, among other issues, can be difficult to overcome. Our team can provide the following services relating to PCT, non-US or US national stage patent and trademark filings, including:

  • Risk analysis, containment and management
  • Advice on reinstatement of rights
  • Training on best practices
  • Periodic updates with respect to international practice
  • Bridging relationships with non-US patent and trademark offices and counsel
  • Analysis of potential conflicts
  • Advice with respect to foreign enforcement
  • Advice with respect to Hague Agreement design issues
  • Ongoing updates/education with respect to practice in other countries

Contact us to discuss our International IP Risk Management services.

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