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IP: Insurance for profits

New product applications, new markets, new partners. Whether tomorrow brings a merger, reorganization or a new licensing partner, recognizing the long-term value of your intellectual property now will help secure its commercial value—and future revenue streams.


Our approach to IP portfolio development and management starts with the goal of establishing value, protecting market share on a global scale and capitalizing intangible assets to grow your net worth. We’ll tailor our advice to your strategic business objectives and apply proven tools and tactics.


Our approach includes:

  • Patent and prior art database development
  • Utilizing technology maps and competitor databases
  • Freedom-to-operate and clearance opinions
  • Competitive cross-licensing
  • Counsel with respect to intellectual property insurance protection
  • Litigation and litigation-alternative strategies


Our goal is to help you build and IP position that makes good economic sense.

Patterson Thuente IP Strategy Attorneys

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