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Patent Law

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Patent Lawyers

When it comes to the value of your company, patents act as a multiplier.

Your company’s business goals and intellectual property strategies are unique. Your outside counsel must understand business, not just the law, in order to get the right end result. Our philosophy is that patent protection is not just about getting patents granted; it’s about obtaining valuable patents that can be used as part of a comprehensive offensive and defensive business strategy. Our firm was founded on that principle and it’s what our clients tell us they value most.


Our clients also value technical expertise. Patterson Thuente fields a team of attorneys with interdisciplinary expertise and before heading to law school, we spent time working as engineers, eye doctors, and chemists. We wrote computer code and worked in the lab. We have designed advanced weapons systems and developed novel materials for multi-national corporations.

 Our industry experience includes: 

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Computer/Internet
  • Defense
  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare
  • Mechanical technologies
  • Medical devices
  • Nanotechnology
  • Optics
  • Software
  • Telecommunications

Meet our patent prosecutors below or check out our Team Page to learn more about the individuals who make up our dynamic team.

Patent Law Services
  • Patent filing and prosecution — both U.S. and international
  • Provisional patent applications
  • Design patentsAIAbanner
  • Patent portfolio management
  • IP due diligence
  • Patent litigation
  • Post-issuance proceedings
  • Patent licensing
  • Track One Prioritized Examination, Accelerated Examination and patent prosecution highway (PPH)


Patterson Thuente IP Patent Attorneys

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