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Who owns the copyright of stock photos?

Thanks in part to the proliferation of websites over the past couple of decades, the use of stock photography is more widespread than ever. And the posting of photos online—as well as in print—has created a copyright infringement bonanza. But who has the right to enforce copyright claims involving use of stock photographs? The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently tackled this question.

Train in vain: Patents for mass transit fare systems struck down

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the court that hears all appeals of patent-related cases, continues to engage in abstract thinking — thinking about the patent-eligibility of abstract ideas, that is. In the wake of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l, the Federal Circuit has repeatedly reviewed whether patents are invalid because they covered patent-ineligible inventions. In this case, for example, the plaintiff ended up having four patents wiped out as invalid on this basis.

Ideas on Intellectual Property Law – April/May 2018

Patterson Thuente IP is pleased to present the April/May 2018 issue of Ideas on Intellectual Property Law. We encourage you to read through it for ideas on how to best protect your intellectual property.