Client Profile: Oxygen Plus (O+)

October 18, 2016
Patterson Thuente

Oxygen—it heals, sharpens concentration and most importantly, we need it to survive. Most people associate oxygen with the air we inhale every moment of the day but Oxygen Plus (O+) has taken one of our most important elements to a new level. The innovators at O+ understand that oxygen is more than just an element—it helps provide energy, drives a healthy lifestyle, promotes healing and so much more. As pollution continues to crowd the air, O+ is supplying the world with 95% pure oxygen on the go, to keep them moving along every day.

O+ – the pioneers and leaders of portable recreational canned oxygen worldwide – is here for you – anytime you need a lift.

O+ oxygen elevates your energy, increases your alertness and restores your get up and go. The active ingredient is 95% pure enriched oxygen, delivered at nearly four times the concentration of oxygen found in everyday, unpolluted air. Just a few deep breaths – through your mouth or your nose – helps revitalize, boost energy, increase alertness and mental clarity, and alleviate the effects of vigorous exercise, travel, altitude, poor air quality, and a night on the town.

Oxygen Plus portable oxygen canisters – the O+ Mini, the O+ Skinni, and the O+ Elevate Pack – fit the lifestyles of the healthy and active. So whether you’re zapped by Auto, Travel, Office, Elevation, Play or Recovery, simply inhale a few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus, and feel more like you again.

Oxygen Plus’s portable, recreational oxygen products are breathable in refreshing flavors and styles, and offer more oxygen per can volume than any other recreational canned oxygen of comparable – and usually larger, bulkier – sized canisters. 

For more information on O+ and their innovative portable oxygen, visit their website:

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