Client Update: CVRx

The health care industry is moving forward so quickly it is hard to keep up, but companies like CVRx make us stop for a moment and tip our caps. Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI), an online and print resource for original medical equipment manufacturing, honors a company every year as the Medtech Company of the Year. While CVRx did not win the editor’s choice crown, the readers picked CVRx for the prestigious title.

CVRx has not only received a CE mark on its newest technology, but has been granted an Expedited Access Pathway for a trial in the United States. What makes CVRx so special? The Barostim Neo—an implantable device that helps treat high blood pressure and heart failure.

CVRx is more than a developer of health care technology, they are leaders in the drive for therapy developments that affect millions of people each year. Their innovations will save lives throughout the world.

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