Christian Girtz Named Partner

February 07, 2018
Patterson Thuente IP

Patterson Thuente IP has named patent attorney Christian Girtz as a partner in the firm.  An experienced intellectual property attorney, Christian counsels clients on best practices for developing strong patents and valuable IP assets domestically and internationally. As a former software engineer, Christian is uniquely qualified to assist companies who are innovators in computer software, communications, and Internet and electronic commerce. These computer- and software-based industries have significant challenges in protecting their intellectual property due to recent U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions. Christian is able to quickly understand his clients’ technologies, provide practical advice, and develop creative strategies for gaining IP protection.

“With my background, I can ask more pointed questions of the engineers I’m working with that perhaps someone without a computer science or software background could,” explains Girtz. “Clients appreciate that I can think about how I might have implemented the solution they are looking to patent and understand the problem it’s solving.”

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