IP Forum Wrap-up #1: Three tips for start-ups with global aspirations

September 14, 2018
Patterson Thuente IP

Going global? In-house IP counsel from three global companies shared their insights on protecting intellectual property in emerging markets yesterday at our IP Forum (co-hosted with our friends at Dennemeyer). Here are three tips they had for start-up companies looking to launch into the global marketplace.

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  1. Find a partner that has been there, done that. Connect with an industry partner in the target country or a multi-national with operations there to help you navigate the laws, business culture and other nuances. Going it alone is not recommended.
  2. Think security first. Build in security systems around protecting your IP, taking employees, operations, business partners, etc. into consideration.
  3. Invest in establishing a brand first, which includes registering your trademarks.

We’ll be sharing more wisdom from our IP Forum – Minneapolis panelists over the next week.

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