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Jay Erstling Of Counsel Minneapolis

Five Considerations About the Future of Technology and IP Protections

We are nearly to the half-way mark on the US tour of Dennemeyer’s Future of IP and Technology Law Forum, for which I am the keynote speaker. The forums in Palo Alto, Los Angeles and Austin were extremely valuable in terms of information sharing, the audiences full of smart and forward-thinking in-house counsel and private practice IP attorneys. We had fun talking through the potential changes to come in our world and what our roles are in shaping the future.

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Client Profile: Oxygen Plus (O+)

Oxygen—it heals, sharpens concentration and most importantly, we need it to survive. Most people associate oxygen with the air we inhale every moment of the day but Oxygen Plus (O+) has taken one of our most important elements to a new level. The innovators at O+ understand that oxygen is more than just an element—it helps provide energy, drives a healthy lifestyle, promotes healing and so much more. As pollution continues to crowd the air, O+ is supplying the world with 95% pure oxygen on the go, to keep them moving along every day. O+ – the pioneers and leaders of portable recreational canned oxygen worldwide – is here for you – anytime you need a lift.

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Client Profile: Alliqua BioMedical

Healthcare continues to evolve rapidly as new technology is forging the way for better patient care and results. Alliqua BioMedical is helping to lead that charge through strategic partnerships and acquisitions of new products and systems. They have one goal: improve patient outcomes. In an industry that is constantly moving forward, Alliqua has taken an innovative path with the patient’s well-being in mind.

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Innovation Expo

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, once said “The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation.” As our world continues to evolve at lightning speed, ideas and innovation are two of the key drivers for businesses, specifically startups. The Innovation Expo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota aims at connecting innovative startups with those who are poised to make a difference and support their missions. We are proud to sponsor this great event where brilliant minds can meet, collaborate and learn from each other.

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Client Profile: Swipejobs, Inc.

In today’s world, on-demand labor is crucial to a company’s success but there is often difficulty matching the right person with the right job. Swipejobs, Inc removes that barrier through the offering of a mobile platform that matches on-demand labor with employers. On-demand labor is a huge global market that is ripe for mobile technology disruption. We are a mobile exchange, not a mobile app. We partner with staffing firms to offer a complete mobile platform that is integrated real time with their systems. At the heart of Swipejobs is a transformational matching technology that matches on-demand workers with employers who are staffing firm customers. For more information on Swipejobs and their innovative technology, visit their website: Patterson Thuente is dedicated to helping you protect and own your vision. Patterson Thuente—Your Ideas. Owned.  

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Client Profile: Gel-Del Technologies

The medical industry is constantly innovating—it keeps us on our toes. Many of our clients have exposed new processes and technologies to the field that never cease to amaze us. A Minnesota-based company, Gel-Del Technologies has revolutionized the field: Gel-Del Technologies, Inc., founded in 2000, is a biomedical device company making thermoplastic biomaterial technologies that mimic the body’s tissues using revolutionary and patented protein based fabrication techniques. With its patented technology, Gel-Del has designed and produced products in the laboratory such as cosmetic tissue fillers, blood vessel grafts and implanted oral and particle drug delivery systems that are far superior to existing FDA-approved products, including many other products in the pipeline (e. g., cardiovascular stent and catheter coatings). For more information on this company, take a look at their website: Patterson Thuente, a company dedicated to protecting your ideas. We have years of experience and are eager to take a look at your case.

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Client Profile: J-wheelz

We take immense pride in our clients. The innovation that we witness each day at work excites and intrigues us. Over the following weeks, we will highlight each of our clients, as it has been an honor to be apart of their journey as inventors! Founded in South Dakota, J-wheelz description is below: J-wheelz are an attachment for ATVs, UTVs and 6-Wheel Vehicles that add traction and flotation to a machine  J-wheelz bolt on to the existing wheel, widening it with a unique shape that allows it to handle the deepest mud without affecting the drivability of the vehicle when on firm ground. This allows the rider to maintain full steering and speed capabilities of the machine as well as extends the life of J-wheelz by keeping them from wearing on the pavement. Powering through snow, slush or mud to name a few, J-wheelz is the perfect product to purchase in anticipation of a new

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