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Alternative Fee Arrangements for Litigation Matters

Patterson Thuente IP has entered into alternative fee arrangements with litigation clients for years and has invested significant resources into many of our client’s matters. These arrangements are designed to accommodate clients with a desire for a fee structure other than traditional hourly billing. In return for investing a portion of our fees in the client’s matter, or for taking on unusual fee or collection risk, the firm earns an agreed-upon fee based on predefined criteria.     What are Alternative Fee Arrangements? Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) are agreements to provide legal services in exchange for compensation based on something other than hourly billing. Arrangements may take the form of contingency fees, fixed fees, success-based fees, or other alternatives appropriate under the circumstances. For example, an AFA might be a mixture in which the firm receives a percentage of its hourly rate, with the remainder contingent on the outcome achieved. Assuming a favorable outcome, the

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