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An Image of Amy with a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Subheading

Amy Salmela Profiled in Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Patterson Thuente’s Amy Salmela is the focus of a July article in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. A link to the article is included below (full text available to subscribers), which spotlights Salmela’s rise through the firm, and her current objectives to increase diversity. Read the Article
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Make Your RCE a Priority

Requests for Continued Examination (RCE) are used by patent applicants to continue prosecution of a patent after an examiner issues a final rejection. The hope is that another go around with the examiner will lead to the application being granted. In the past, we could expect an answer from the examiner within two months. However, with a backlog at the patent office of more than 90,000 applications that have not been examined since an RCE was filed, those days are long gone. In fact, some of these RCEs have been languishing in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for three years. That delay is a consequence of a change in how RCEs are prioritized by examiners.   Prior to November 15, 2009, an application with an RCE was placed on an examiner’s “amended” docket. The examiner was expected to act on the application within two months. Under the new docketing procedures, an application

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